SBCA & NFC Open Quarterly Meetings (OQMs)

Framers and component manufacturers (CMs) are working together more and more as framers increasingly buy their components directly from CMs. In this business model, it become more vital for the CMs and framer to have a collaborative relationship.

Ultimately, the CM and framer are responsible for one step in the process: creating the structural framework of a building. They both win when the framework goes up and performs well, they both lose if it doesn’t.

One excellent way to work on ensuring that process goes smoothly is to get framers and CMs together to talk about their pain points (and their wins)! To that end, the leadership of the National Framers Council (NFC) and Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) are actively taking steps to bring framers and CMs together as often as possible through Open Quarterly Meetings (OQM) held each year in various cities around the U.S.

OQMs provide on-going opportunities for framers and CMs to bring real world issues to the table, share their expertise and build strong partnerships.

The schedule at OQMs varies but often include the following:

  • Small and large group discussion groups
  • Framer-specific content
  • Team-building exercises (examples include scavenger hunts, “building” challenges, an afternoon at Lucky Strike)
  • Group dinners
  • Sporting Events
  • Plant Tours
  • Time for networking

Everyone is welcome! If you’re interested in attending a future OQM, take a look at the schedule and watch for information on registration.

Learn more about the framer/CM relationship in this SBCA Magazine article from December 2022.

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