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Bilingual Safety Program Based on OSHA 1926

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FrameSAFE Dashboard: Access to Online Safety Resources

The subscriber-only dashboard includes access to a variety of implementation, training, safety awareness and recordkeeping/reporting resources. These resources include an Orientation Checklist (download sample in English or Spanish) to assist in providing a comprehensive safety overview for new employees on a jobsite, Toolbox Talks and Safety Posters that coincide with the manual, a set of safety awareness checklists, and guidelines for handling OSHA inspections.

A FrameSAFE subscription includes a customized pdf copy of the Safety Manual Template, pdfs all English/Spanish Toolbox Talks and Safety Posters on corresponding topics, as well as new materials as they become available.

Our goal has always been to get a safety program into the hands of framers and their subcontractors that is affordable, easy to follow, and in their language. FrameSAFE is specific to framers and allows us to train on the same topics as our subs, to be able to have the same expectations for safety on the job. With the enhancements in version 4, more than ever FrameSAFE will ensure everybody is talking the same talk, looking for the same issues, and making sure the workers are protected in the same manner all the time.

-Ken Shifflett, NFC Safety Committee Chair, Ace Carpentry in Manassas, Virginia

Benefits of being a FrameSAFE subscriber:

The National Framers Council’s highest priority since its inception has been the development of a comprehensive jobsite safety program specific to the framing industry. Now in its fourth edition (v4.1), the FrameSAFE Safety Manual Template (A Bilingual Guide for Safety on the Jobsite)provides an excellent resource for framers to create their own safety program that is based on OSHA Standard 1926.20. The manual is designed such that the English runs on the left-hand pages and the Spanish runs on the right-hand pages, for ease in use on the jobsite.

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