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Purchase FrameSAFE

Follow the steps below to begin your FrameSAFE subscription:

FrameSAFE subscription pricing depends on your Member Class Level (annual units framed). Only NFC members can become FrameSAFE subscribers. 

Step 1: Determine subscription pricing (see below) and purchase online

Member Class
Annual ($)
Level 1Student/IndividualContact Staff
Level 21-300$234
Level 3301-600$618
Level 4601-1000$900
Level 51001+$1,134

Step 2: Submit the Customized FrameSAFE Cover Request Form 

This provides staff with the necessary information to set up your customized FrameSAFE cover and includes details on the licensing agreement.

Step 3: Receive your customized FrameSAFE documents, print & go!

Once you have purchased your subscription, you will be able to download your FrameSAFE documents within one business day and you will receive your custom cover sheet within 3-4 business days. The documents are copyrighted and printable, so you will be able to print copies as needed for various jobsites and training opportunities.

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