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Skilled Subcontractor refers to all sub-trades of the framing industry and covers the various areas of installation specialty (walls, floors, roofs, siding, windows, house wrap, doors, balconies, porches, cornices/fascia, etc.).

Annual membership dues for Skilled Subcontractors is $234 and includes a subscription to FrameSAFE.

Skilled Subcontractors’ memberships will be processed through Professional Framers who require their Skilled Subcontractors to have a FrameSAFE subscription. In these cases, Professional Framers can collect and send the completed Skilled Subcontractor membership applications and dues payments to NFC.

Skilled Subcontractors will receive a customized copy of the Safety Manual, which can be provided as indicated on the application:

  1. Electronically to the Skilled Subcontractor through the FrameSAFE Dashboard.
  2. Electronically to the Professional Framer Member for distribution back to the Subcontractor.
  3. As a hard copy in a physical binder for an additional cost of $195 (plus S&H).

The Skilled Subcontractor’s FrameSAFE manual will indicate their expiration date, which they can present on future jobs where a FrameSAFE subscription is required.

Understanding the strong relationships that Professional Framers have with their Skilled Subcontractors, NFC will keep all data related to Skilled Subcontractors strictly confidential. NFC will not list Skilled Subcontractor members on its website, nor will it distribute the names through any other means. 

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